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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Styles of Platform Shoes

There is something special about high heel shoes. Although being awfully impractical, they nearly always have their desired effect in drawing attention from others. This attention is usually, but not always, positive. For example if a lady is seen walking down the street in yellow high heels she is bound to be noticed and then the rest of her appearance studied.


Some males might check out her figure, while the odd jealous female may look for colour clashes or other fashion faux pas to confirm her lack of taste. But it’s not just yellow high heels that could cause such a stir. Such footwear as silver platform shoes , red platform shoes and even platform shoes for men grab the best attention. The wearers of such footwear have their own reasons for doing so. Some want to take attention away from another aspect of their appearance, but most just want to draw admiration from strangers. In addition to people who are after attention on a day-to-day basis, there are those who want to wear high heel shoes for a special occasion.


For example, there is even a market for high heels for prom nights and those who need to wear such footwear for a career in exotic dancing. In fact, stripper shoes enjoy a worldwide audience and have recently increased in the amounts of customers, brands and suppliers. Fuschia shoes are one of the more popular heel brands for that extra sexy appearance, but there are others joining the market. One thing is for sure; societies all over the world are becoming more liberal each and every generation and this is benefitting those people who want to express themselves by dressing provocatively or just colourfully and differently from their peers.


Wearing high heels gives people confidence and makes them feel special, not just because of their added height, but also the style and colour that draws them attention for a number of reasons. As mentioned before, some wear the likes of Fuschia shoes or stripper shoes for a special event such as a school prom or work in the adult entertainment industry. Others are happy and able to wear high heel shoes every day to work. Whatever one’s reason for wearing sexy or height-increasing footwear, they are bound to feel confident rather than comfortable, but this can improve other aspects in their life. High heels are fashionable, sexy and attractive.