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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The sexiest footwear for pole dancing

The mostly men, and some women, who enjoy watching the sexiest ladies strutting their stuff around a stainless steel pole in the evening just care about entertainment. Some of them are nothing more than spectators who enjoy what they see.
Others may get a little closer and dream for a little more. But pretty much all of them are just there to look and watch. They normally look at the texture and shape of the performer’s skin and a few may pay attention to what she is, or was, wearing. Although a sexy pair of shoes makes a huge difference to how the performer appears and appeals to them, many of the audience don’t appreciate the fact. A little like turning on a light switch or tap and getting nothing, we don’t notice until it’s missing. However, for the lady who dances around a pole for the entertainment of others, the best footwear is absolutely vital for more than just how sexy she looks.
Pole dance boots and pole dance shoes are a lady’s only prop. Other than the way her hair is done or a little jewellery, or maybe a hat, what she wears on her feet is also all she has other than her own skin. Not only are the best shoes or boots extremely important for her looks, they also benefit her confidence and safety. In addition, many pole dancers wear their own shoes and boots for pole dancing, rather than have them supplied by the club. To this end, choosing the best pole dancing footwear is more than just shopping for fun.
Like a mechanic only uses the best tools, a photographer the best camera and lens, or an artist the best brush, paints and canvas, a professional pole dancer needs to carefully select the only item of clothing she is likely to wear for her whole performance; her pole dance boots or shoes. Every dance may look the same, and the ladies may blank the customers and perform to the mirrored walls, but they do still care. They care about their performance, and the tips it will bring. They care about their ability to perform each move safely and correctly. And even though they are naked and in front of strangers night after night, they are still ladies, and they care how good they look. Choosing the best pole dance shoes isn’t all that easy, especially considering the stigma that the occupation sometimes attracts. Online shopping is the most common way and can throw up some real gems.

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