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Friday, January 9, 2015

High Heel Shoes for Men are More Popular than You Think

Although high heel shoes are almost always seen on women’s feet, that does not mean that men don’t wear them too. We’re not talking about transvestites, transsexuals and men who like to wear sexy shoes designed for ladies, although these are commonly sold and regular stock items. It may come as a bit of a surprise that many men, those who we see every day, are actually wearing shoes or boots with concealed height-enhancing heels.

Although society is changing and people with all kinds of skin colour, lifestyle, sexual orientation and even disability are contributing fairly in the modern world, there is still a feeling of inadequacy among many people who feel that they want to appear taller than they really are to those around them.
‘Looking up to and down on others’ may be an idiom, but it is certainly taken literally to heart by many people who feel that they were dealt a cruel hand of cards by mother nature. For women, it’s not such a big deal, as being ‘petite’ is often a positive attribute, and there are literally hundreds of thousands of high heel shoes to choose from, and they can be worn openly at work or social events. However, for men it’s quite different.
Back in the days of Napoleon Bonaparte, a powerful short man was rare. Size matters in evolution and success. Nowadays this includes success at work and in one’s social life. Shorter men are not inferior to those taller than them, but they are often overlooked or ignored unfairly.
Men’s high heeled footwear is pretty much the only answer, and mens higheels are far more popular than many people would believe. There are slip on and lace up shoes and boots as well as those with a zip or other kind of fastener. In general, men are far more sensitive about their height, or more lack of height, than women are. And what makes it worse is that it is not considered normal for a man to wear a pair of high-heel shoes or boots that that are obviously so. Therefore, any man who wants to appear taller than he really is among his peers and even subordinates and superiors needs to wear footwear with concealed high heels.
We have in stock a wide range of many styles and sizes of men’s footwear with high heels. Our sales staff are understanding, sensitive and helpful, and our prices are hard to beat.

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